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Proudly distributing Modulift Custom Lifting Spreader Beams in Australia

Proudly distributing Modulift Custom Lifting Spreader Beams in Australia

Ensure a safe & cost effective lift with the range of Modulift spreader systems we now offer…

  • Product range from 2 - 5000 tonne capacity with spans available up to 100m
  • Modular system for easy transportation and storage
  • Rig planning support service and custom design available

Why is modulift the leading spreader beam on the market?


The modular struts allow for multiple lengths to be configured for a variety of lifts. Mix and match End units with struts when long lengths, yet light lifts are required. 

One Modulift Spreader Beam can be used over and over again for years.
The heaviest and longest strut is only 6 metres - small enough to be transported on the back of a truck. Many of the Spreader Beam components can be handled 
by one person. The QJ2 even comes in a handy carrying case, complete with shackles.

Designed to provide a lightweight solution so your cranes can work at a maximum capacity without the weight of heavy lifting gear.
Drop links provide plus or minus 6° of rotation to allow for lower sling misalignments.
QUALITY Engineering
Modulift are a team of specialist engineers, designing innovative products to optimum specification to ensure a safe lifting environment around the world.
Modulift Brochure

For more information, including details on the range available, sizes & standards compliance please check out the Modulift Brochure here.

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